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We strive to make available the very latest clinical study results, presentations, articles, and other pertinent information about the Lung Flute for use by COPD patients or patients with other issues leading to mucus congestion in the lungs.


Lung Flute Reference Center Contents:
Clinical Studies
Physics and Physiology
Instructions for Use (IFU)
Prescription Guidance
Insurance Reimbursement
Ordering Information & Support





Clinical Studies:

I - Therapeutic Clinical Trials

II - Diagnostic Clinical Trials



Physics and Physiology:



Instructions for Use (IFUs):



Prescription Guidance:



Insurance Reimbursement:

Both the Lung Flute for Home Care and the Lung Flute for Hospitals & Clinics are eligible for reimbursement by Medicaid and Medicare in the U.S. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to submit all reimbursement claims. Learn more about DME and CPT coding. 



Ordering Information & Support:

The Lung Flute from Medical Acoustics is currently cleared for therapeutic and diagnostic use in the U.S.*, Canada, the European Union and many other countries.

In the US & US Territories*:

Orders can be placed:
• Online: Buy Lung Flute Online Now
• Telephone: +1 (716) 218-7355 or toll-free +1 (888) 820-0970
• Fax: +1 (716) 608-1362
• E-mail:
• Mail: Medical Acoustics, 640 Ellicott St, Buffalo, NY 14203 USA

Outside the US:

Orders can be placed:
• Online: Buy Lung Flute Online Now
• Or find a local Distributor

* A prescription from a healthcare provider is required for US orders.

Reed Packs. Each Lung Flute comes with a 6 month supply of reeds (US & Canada) or a 12 month supply of reeds (all other countries). Replacement Reed Packs (No. 1002-01) containing a 6 month reed supply can be ordered separately in the US (Mainland 48, Alaska, Hawaii & Midland Islands) and Canada.

Ask a Question: Contact Medical Acoustics for more information

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