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The Revolutionary Lung Flute
A first in secretion mobilization and induction

Lung Flute


Offers better results than standard vibration or PEP therapy because it mobilizes secretions from deep within the lungs

Indications for Use:

The Lung Flute for Home Care is indicated for Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) therapy [FDA 510(k) K091557].

The Lung Flute is a non-invasive, drug-free, reusable device that uses patented low-frequency acoustic wave technology for optimal secretion clearance and bronchial hygiene. Unlike conventional respiratory devices that rely on pressure or pulsed air, the Lung Flute acoustic wave technology mobilizes and clears secretions deep in the lungs so they are easier to expectorate. With proper use, patients will experience more complete mobilization of secretions.

Positive Expiratory Pressure therapy can be used as a therapeutic tool for numerous pulmonary conditions, including:

Lung Flute For Therapy Usage

How to Operate:

The patient inhales a little deeper than normal, places his/her lips completely around the mouthpiece, and blows out through the Lung Flute as if trying to blow out a candle. When the patient has finished exhaling, he/she will remove the mouthpiece from his/her mouth, quickly inhale again, put the mouthpiece back in his/her mouth, and blow gently through the Lung Flute.

The patient then removes the mouthpiece again and waits 5 seconds, taking several normal breaths.

In order to achieve the best results, the patient should aim for blowing into the Lung Flute for up to 20 sets of two blows per set. As with any therapy, patients may need to begin slowly and build up the number of repetitions over time.

Approximately 5 minutes after the session has ended, mucus will have collected at the back of the patient's throat and he/she can start to cough vigorously. The patient may notice thinned mucus collecting at the back of his/her throat for several hours after the session. This is normal. A drink of water will wash away the mucus and can prevent minor throat irritation.


How The Lung Flute Works - Video

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