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The Revolutionary Lung Flute
A first in secretion mobilization and induction

DUAL USE: The Lung Flute is the only device FDA cleared for both diagnostic and therapeutic secretion mobilization.

Sanjay Sethi MD, University of Buffalo School of Medicine
Professor Sethi and a Patient discuss their experience with the Lung Flute
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Acoustic waves stimulate the body's natural secretion - clearing system

Medical Professional

The Lung Flute uses patented low-frequency acoustic wave technology for optimal secretion clearance and bronchial hygiene. The patient exhales through a mouthpiece over a reed inside the horn of the Lung Flute. The resulting acoustic wave travels retrograde into the lower airways and lung parenchyma, and increases mucociliary clearance.

Unlike conventional respiratory devices, the Lung Flute acoustic wave technology clears and mobilizes secretions deep in the lungs so they are easier to expectorate.

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